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Customer satisfaction is the most important thing

The specialist for turning, milling and welding plastics. 1TECOPLAST is a medium-sized company that is working since 1997 with motivated employees and precision CNC-machines on economic solutions in the processing of technical precision parts out of thermoplastics

1TECOPLAST – We are partner in production of semi-finished- and finished parts of precision parts out of plastics for many industrial sectors. We produce your requirements individual according to drawing or sample out of technical plastics with CNC-controlled machines and CAD-CAM assistance in the process turning plastics and milling plastics.

1TECOPLAST – We use all high-quality thermoplastic polymers that are available on the half-finished products market, like PE, PP, PVC, PA, PSU, POM, PVDF, PEEK, PMMA, PTFE and all other high-quality plastics as well as fiber-reinforced plastics in all cutting processes. We are absolutely familiar with the assembly of structural components, as well as the bonding, joining and welding of containers, modules and pipes.

1TECOPLAST – With optimized production processes we are producing prototypes, small series and series in numbers of thousands. We deliver speciality goods that relate the high measurable requirements on quality and precision. Flexible, economic and dependable with precision. This is guaranteed by the expertise of our staff.

1TECOPLAST – The quality management comply with the requirements of the customers and is certified since the year 2000 with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.  The business policy is consequent orientated on the requirements of the customers regarding service, quality, competitiveness and customer satisfaction.

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1Tecoplast GmbH
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