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Turning plastics

Kunststoff drehen Filterkopf aus PVC

The economic production of complex technical turning parts of plastic

  • In small batches or thousand-series
  • Visual, electronical and 3D measuring systems
  • Latest CNC-technology
  • max. turning diameter Ø 330 mm
  • max. turning length outside: 900 mm
  • turning plastics from the specialist

Production information for turning plastics

Generally plastics belong to the group of good cutting raw material. Out of the characteristics of the different plastics at turning plastics, there arise certain specifics that should be considered at the production of turning parts. But there we have a big know-how at the choice of the tools and at the different cutting sizes due to longtime experience with turning plastics.

Our production is on modern CNC-guided turning machines, which enable us a high quality at small batches as well as high quantities.

Kunststoff Drehen

Raw materials

There are a lot of raw materials on the market, they partly differ clearly in their characteristics and prices. The characteristics of the different plastics can be improved with additions like glass fiber, oil or carbon fiber. We are working with all thermoplastic polymers that are usual on the market, like PE, PP, PVC, POM, PA6, PA6.6 GF30%, PTFE, PVDF, PEEK etc.

Kunststoffpyramide Werkstoffe

For further informations to the individual plastics click „here“ 

Driven tools

For an economic and exact production we have the possibility to work with driven tools at our CNC-turning machines.

A lot of work steps like milled edges, wrench size, marking, drills and threads will be produced on our CNC-turning machine in one clamping.

Kunststoff Fräsen Nipro_OneDS_b
Examples for turning plastics

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